Wednesday, December 10, 2014

December Coaching Clinic Archive Available - Duke Lacrosse

December Coaching Clinic Archive Available
Wednesday 12/10/2014  -  Duke Sports Information

DURHAM, N.C.—In case you missed the final installment of the 2014 Duke men’s lacrosse coaching clinics, the archived video of the two hour session is now available on The Duke coaching staff outlined a typical Duke practice during the year, demonstrating and drawing up drills and sharing the when’s and whys of its training sessions.

Click HERE to access the video
Here is an outline of what a typical Duke practice during the season would look like. Tune into the archived clinic to get an in depth look.
1.     Pre-Practice
           a.       Early work to get the guys warmed up and moving – 10-minute session
2.     Stretch
          a.       Perhaps the most boring, but potentially one of the most important parts of a practice
          b.      Duke does dynamic and static stretching
          c.       Warming up the goalies during this time
3.     Stick skills
          a.       A crucial part of the Duke game is to constantly hone stick skills
4.     Ground Balls
          a.       Skeleton – Thud – Live.
5.    Individual Work by position
          a.       Attackmen, offensive midfielders, defensive midfielders, close defense
6.    Group Work (2 sessions)
          a.       Thud and Live
          b.      1vs1, 2vs2, 3vs3, 4vs4, 5vs5, 6vs6, 1s vs. 1s and Scout team
          c.       Everyone gets coached
7.    Team Work
         a.       Faceoff – 10 minutes
         b.      Riding/Clearing – 10 minutes
         c.       Transition – 10 minutes
8.    Special Teams
         a.       Man-up/Man-down
         b.      Special situations