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Quint: How to Warm Up a Lacrosse Goalie: From InsideLacrosse

Quint: How to Warm Up a Lacrosse Goalie: From InsideLacrosse

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The more I watch goalies getting warmed up pre-game, pre-practice and at recruiting events, the more concerned I get. Shooting underhand worm-burners from 16 yards isn't accomplishing anything. Spending five rushed minutes in between the pipes isn't sufficient for a young goalie.
A great warm-up simulates the shots a keeper will see during competition, while sharpening fundamentals and focus — all while earning a sweat. Only 14 goalies in DI had a save percentage over 55% last season; the position is under-taught at all levels.
These are some of the guidelines for a proper goalie warm-up; tailor each warm-up according to time available and whether it is a game day or practice. I recommend light cardio, some wall ball and stretching before stepping into the crease.
(Yardage is from goal line to shooter)

2014 Goalie Leaders

1. Jason WeberDetroit0.642179 (279)
2. Sam SomersArmy0.61481 (132)
3. Jack RunkelLoyola0.610180 (295)
4. Gunnar WaldtBryant0.593229 (386)
5. Austin GeislerHigh Point0.585211 (361)
6. Dustin KeenSaint Joseph's0.57379 (138)
7. Gill ConnersQuinnipiac0.569181 (318)
8. Matt PoillonLehigh0.564150 (266)
9. Sam GrinbergBucknell0.563157 (279)
10. Niko AmatoMaryland0.559152 (272)
11. Mike NugentMercer0.559162 (290)
12. Kieran BurkeNorth Carolina0.556153 (275)
13. Garrett ConawayMonmouth0.55694 (169)
14. Ryan LaPlanteDenver0.556100 (180)

1. Start with shots from 10 yards out, right in front and center. All high — that is above the ankles and at 80% speed. Focus on the seven areas: stick-side high, stick-side hip, stick-side low, five hole, offside high, offside hip and offside low. Tempo should be established.
***It's 10 yards for a reason; nobody shoots from outside 12 or 13 yards anymore. Pacticing the saves that matter is most important — any non-athlete from PE class can save a 14- or 16-yard bomb, practicing those shots is a complete waste of time.