Wednesday, September 3, 2014

In the NYTimes: There’s No Off in This Season: Team Sports Are Taking Over Kids’ Lives


There’s No Off in This Season: Team Sports Are Taking Over Kids’ Lives

In The New York Times

When my daughters were young, they had a book we all loved called “Jump into January.” Every month was illustrated with a search-and-find painting filled with seasonal items. August’s was “Sail into August / come along with me / That sand is soft, the sea is warm / What can you see?” Items included a sailboat, shovel, crab, hammock, surfboard and sand castle.
Have a teenager these days? You’d be lucky to see a sand castle in August. Instead, you’re probably spending most of your month schlepping to tryouts, hauling to two-a-day practices, scheduling around mandatory workouts and letting yet another extracurricular activity encroach on once-sacred family time. The youth sports juggernaut, fueled by breathless cable networks, corporate sponsors and power-hungry leagues, is gradually colonizing more and more time: weeknights, weekends, religious holidays and now vacations.
Warning: Gatorade doesn’t go with s’mores.
Recently, I spoke with the patriarch of a large family who spent a year arranging a once-in-a-lifetime vacation with his children and grandchildren. The families coordinated schedules, booked plane tickets and paid for hotels, then my friend’s 15-year-old granddaughter was told there were mandatory soccer tryouts at her Manhattan school; if she didn’t show up she wouldn’t be eligible. She skipped the trip (and still didn’t make the team).

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Team sports are taking over kids lives in The New York Times