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From The All-Time All-Lacrosse Football Team: Defense, Special Teams, Coach

The All-Time All-Lacrosse Football Team: Defense, Special Teams, Coach

In the spirit of multi-sport participation and the National Football League season that has once again taken the nation's attention (I've never seen Baltimore sidewalks more empty than during a Sunday afternoon Ravens game), here it is: a look the best two-sport athletes — lacrosse and football — from the last 70 or so years.
I originally conceived this idea with the intent of filling all 22 starting spots on a football team, with lacrosse players. There would be 11 starting spots on offense and 11 starting spots on defense to form the All-Time All-Lacrosse football team. But while research, suggestions from Lacrosse Magazine staff, National Lacrosse Hall of Fame archivist Joe Finn, and other sources helped uncover many names to populate nearly a full football starting lineup, there were still spots to fill mainly along the offensive line. A full team, almost.
Instead, we'll go with the whole enchilada. In two installments — offense appears here and defense, special teams and coach appears now — here is as big a list as I could produce of lacrosse players who also dabbled in professional and college football, or vice versa. Some, you'll see, dabbled in each more than others. If you have other suggestions or corrections please contact me at or on Twitter @Corey_McL.
A couple hints at the list: I would take lacrosse's defensive front seven against any team. The offense would run through Jim Brown. (Pro and college statistics below are via Pro Football-Reference and College Football Reference, and there are links below to various sources used to compile the list.)
New York Giants linebacker Mark Herzlich played attack and midfield at Conestoga (Pa.). He even had an offer to play lacrosse at Johns Hopkins. (Courtesy Herzlich family)



Mark Herzlich
Lacrosse: Conestoga (Pa.)
Football: New York Giants, Boston College
Most people know Herzlich as the inspirational figure who defeated a rare form of bone cancer to continue playing college football and eventually with the New York Giants, where he was in his third season in 2013. But before all that, he was an All-Central League lacrosse player at Conestoga (Pa.) High outside Philadelphia. He played attack and midfield, and what he called a "big righty shot," in an interview with Lacrosse Magazine. He even had an offer to play at Johns Hopkins. Herzlich's dad helped start the youth lacrosse organization in Conestoga, and Mark said he will always remain close to the sport. "I will 100 percent play lacrosse again after football is done," Herzlich told Lacrosse Magazine in 2012.
Russ Swan
Lacrosse: Yorktown (N.Y.)
Football: Virginia
Swan played lacrosse at Yorktown (N.Y.) with the fame Nelson brothers. Swan racked up 186 points in his high school career,good for 20th in Yorktown program history. He started at linebacker for four years at Virginia (1982-85), and led the team in tackles his senior season with the Cavaliers

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