Monday, September 29, 2014

13 Qualities the Best Lacrosse Coaches Have in Common

13 Qualities the Best Lacrosse Coaches Have in Common
We all have “that coach” who brings back some memories from our past. For better or worse, that person left an impression on us that stuck. Do you remember your coach for positive or negative reasons?
In our current sports culture, coaches are overloaded with a multitude of stress factors. Playing time, tryouts, organization, cool uniforms (yes, some coaches stress about whether or not their team’s gear is cool) and the ultimate stress—winning—all weigh heavily on coaches’ minds. These external factors and others can cause a coach to slowly fade into the “uhhhh, that coach” memory banks of their former players.
We all agree that the last thing we want is to see a player slink into the shadows when they see us in the grocery store. What we all want be is the coach who receives a wedding invitation from a player we coached 15 years ago. Listen to legendary lacrosse coaches likeBob Scott and Richie Moran and you’ll find that they measure success in relationships every bit as much as wins.
The question then isn’t really which coach you want to be, but how do you become the coach that the kids can’t wait to spend their time with? Tons of research has been conducted on the characteristics of coaches that create positive, long-lasting memories with their athletes.
Here are 13 ways that the best coaches lead their youth athletes, from Competitive Advantage.
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